Continuing Education

Course Package

Two courses. One certification.

The Continuing Education package is intended for people with formal training and professional experience in coaching. This fast-track program is ICF-accredited and provides extensive coursework in applied positive psychology.

What you will learn

Enrollment in this package ensures space in both courses. Please see the individual course descriptions for additional information.

Your Instructors

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Dr. Laura Lewis Mantell

Package Details

35.5 credits

32.5 (Core Competencies)
3 (Resource Development)

Successful completion of all requirements confers Positive Acorn’s Certified Positive Psychology Coach endorsement. 

December 3, 2021 – February 26, 2022

Friday 5-8 pm Pacific Time or Saturday 9 am -12 pm Pacific Time

 Please see the individual course descriptions for details.

Course Schedule

Starts on December 3, 2021
Ends on February 26, 2022

Class Time

Friday 5 to 8 pm Pacific Time
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Time

Frequently Asked Questions

People who are already certified or who are experienced coaches enroll in two courses: Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Well-being.

Positive Acorn is an ACSTH program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Whether you are a beginning coach or more advanced, we emphasize sophistication in coaching. We don’t want to teach you to hit the dartboard; we want to teach you how to hit the bullseye in coaching.

Great! We love working with people who have a background in positive psychology. Whether you have read a popular book or have a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, we can challenge you to think about this science in new ways. We think of ourselves as “what’s next” for people who want to extend their knowledge of this exciting field.

For the CCE package of courses, our core faculty include Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, a pioneer and thought leader in positive psychology coaching, who is the instructor for Applied Positive Psychology. And Dr. Laura Mantell, a physician, ICF certified Coach, and leading authority on Positive Diagnosis, who is the instructor for Coaching Wellbeing.

We record our classes for those who cannot attend or who want to review class material. We make these available for participants to view during the course and 24 weeks after that.

We acknowledge that sometimes life is complicated and that it is occasionally necessary to miss a class session. We require 70% attendance to confer credit for a course.

Yes. Our program is an ACSTH program, accredited through the ICF. Courses can be taken for CCE credit or initial ICF credentialing. We focus on responsible practice and specific training in the ICF ethics code.

This course is offered in a completely digital format. We recommend a reliable Internet connection.

We host sessions that are intended specifically for coaching practice. These practicum sessions are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged as a way to practice coaching skills in a safe and supportive environment.

The practicum for each course is held twice on Wednesdays to cater to people who live in diverse time zones. These hour and a half sessions are held at 9 am US Pacific Time and 3 pm US Pacific Time. Students can attend any practicum session they want (or both!).

Practicum is not required and we understand that not everyone will be able to attend. Even so, we strongly encourage people to attend practicum every week they are able. In our experience, people who attend practicum, who have an opportunity to practice and to get feedback, and who engage in deeper discussions of coaching often accelerate their learning and professional development.

No. You only need to attend one session. We offer two sections of this course to make it convenient for people in all time zones. The content of both sections is identical and you are free to attend whichever section you prefer.

Yes. The content is identical between both sections, and you are free to attend whichever is most convenient for you in any given week.

Yes! You save $94 when enrolling in this package. 

Yes! We offer monthly payment plans with no additional fees. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to use a monthly payment plan. If the payment plan you prefer is not listed, email us at and we can get you set up!

Have more questions?

Learning should be challenging and satisfying

We care that each and every student has a peerless learning experience. As a result, we listen to your specific needs and support your learning in a highly personalized way.

What our alumni say

Learning with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is an emotional journey! He challenges you, motivates you, encourages you and supports you through the learning process. He understands how people learn and tailors his materials and his teaching methodology accordingly. I loved every module and the lectures in the module and could not wait for the next class (which happened to be midnight for me given my time zone). Both Robert and Laura shared the latest research in the field of coaching and positive psychology. I would highly recommend these courses.

Monisha Kamdar

Attorney and Positive Psychology Practitioner

Every single class was a goldmine of the newest information, unique insights, and practical application. The courses were also entirely interactive with high expectations placed upon us, which made the learning all the more valuable and rigorous. Robert is extremely generous with his time and expertise, and the entire team at Positive Acorn is professional and helpful beyond measure. Having experienced other ICF-credentialed providers, I can vouch for the superior, value-added quality of these courses.

Lucy Orton

I loved the way the course was delivered. The content was very in-depth. The follow-up emails from Robert were a great source of valuable information. I liked that he shared so many resources for us to continue researching on subjects. The breakout sessions allowed for on-the-spot practice and I found them incredibly useful. I liked that the content focused on different areas of positive psychology not as widely talked about. I found the module on strengths and courage incredibly insightful leaving me with a different perspective.


Kirsty Marriott

KDM Coaching and Consultancy
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