Group Mentoring

Course Overview

Mentor Coaching is working with a certified and experienced coach to gain insight into your own coaching skills. Perhaps the most vital aspect of learning to coach effectively is receiving feedback on your coaching. This is why the International Coach Federation (ICF) requires ten hours of Mentor Coaching for certification; seven of these hours can be in a group setting. 

Traditionally, mentor coaching and supervision is a professional relationship between only two people. When it comes to improving coaching, however, we are passionate about working with groups. First, we have discovered that there is a surprising amplification of learning when multiple people receive feedback. In addition, the ability to witness a variety of coaching styles and techniques can be beneficial. Group work requires extra attention to creating a trusting and safe environment, and, this too, is an element of learning that is directly applicable to coaching.

It is often said that mentoring is an opportunity to show someone how good they can be, and this is the philosophy that drives this course. Participants will receive personalized feedback that will focus on encouragement, interesting moments, and capitalizing on strengths rather than being a laundry list of all that went wrong.  

Each week will be divided between a nuanced discussion of core competencies and actual practice. This group is limited to 8 members so that each person receives individualized attention. There will be 8 sessions, each of which is 1.5 hours. Participants will receive 12 hours of Group Mentor Coaching. 

This course runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-10:30 am Pacific, between February 18- March 12, 2020. 

Course fee: $850