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The most vital aspect of learning to coach effectively is receiving feedback on your coaching.

Participants will accelerate their professional development by learning the skills of reflective practice. This practice is more than just noticing what goes wrong in coaching and trying to fix weaknesses. Rather than focusing on “getting it right,” we emphasize the development of personal style, identifying moments of critical choice within each session, and engaging in on-going improvement. 

Mentor Coaching occurs in a safe and supportive environment and past participants describe it as “empowering.” 

This course is offered at two distinct times to be convenient for people living all around the world.

Your Instructor

A head-shot of the instructor, Christian van Nieuwerburgh. He is wearing a striped shirt and smiling at the camera. In the distance, hills can be seen.

Dr. Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Course Details

11 Mentor Coaching credits

This course provides 8 hours of Group Mentoring and 3 hours of Individual Mentoring. 
The Individual Mentoring sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.
Group sessions are limited to 8 members so each person receives individualized attention.
This course fulfills the ICF mentoring requirement for credentialing.
This course is offered at two times to make it convenient for people in all time zones.

Course Fee $1,550

Course Schedule

Class Time: 8-10 AM GMT
Session 1: October 21, 2023
Session 2: October 28, 2023
Session 3: December 2, 2023
Session 4: February 24, 2024
Session 5: March 30, 2024

Course Schedule

Class Time: 5-7 PM GMT
Session 1: October 21, 2023
Session 2: October 28, 2023
Session 3: December 2, 2023
Session 4: February 24, 2024
Session 5: March 30, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may choose to receive a certificate for 12 credits or you may choose to use these hours toward Group Mentoring. You may also split the hours between credit and Group Mentoring hours. 

Mentor coaches serve as a resource for discussing effective and responsible coaching. Mentor coaching is the process of receiving feedback on actual coaching (recorded or observed) by an experienced and certified coach. It is intended to raise a person’s level of coaching competency by increasing the ability to reflect on one’s own practice and to better understand natural strengths and weaknesses in coaching.

Yes. The group mentor coaching is specifically designed to fit with Positive Acorn’s other coach
training courses. It will not conflict in time nor will it add extra work.

Yes. Anyone interested in receiving mentor coaching can take this program. It is first-come-first-served and slots are often taken by those who register for our other courses.

Yes. We offer monthly payment plans with no additional fees. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to use a monthly payment plan. If the payment plan you prefer is not listed, email us at and we can get you set up!

100% refund available within 24 hours of registration.

90% refund available up to 3 weeks before the start of the course.

50% refund available within 3 weeks before the course begins. 

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Learning should be challenging and satisfying

We care that each and every student has a peerless learning experience. As a result, we listen to your specific needs and support your learning in a highly personalized way.

What our alumni say

I found this sequence of courses so informative and engaging. The mentoring course was a real opportunity to show a sample of our practice, and to learn from feedback and discussion.

June Rousso

Ph.D. Psychologist, Life Coach, Writer

Learning with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is an emotional journey! He challenges you, motivates you, encourages you and supports you through the learning process. He understands how people learn and tailors his materials and his teaching methodology accordingly, with necessary spacing, repetitions, and practice. As to the course itself, it is life-changing no matter how much or how little you plan to pursue the coaching practise. I loved every module and the lectures in the module and could not wait for the next class.

Monisha Kamdar

Attorney and Positive Psychology Practitioner

The best investment I could have made is to join your program! It has changed my perspective about people and situations as well as moved my career. As I had less experience than other members of the group, I started very nervously. Thanks to the coaching sessions with my peers, it got better each class! I very much enjoyed Robert’s teaching style.

Ranjit Singh

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