Understanding Happiness

"Learning about happiness is, itself, a happiness intervention"

Course Overview


Understanding Happiness

This course is intended for anyone interested in happiness. Whether you are cultivating a new interest in happiness or you have read about the topic for years, this course will stretch your knowledge. It contains 15 lessons that discuss a wide range of theories and research results from the study of happiness. In curating this content, I have made every effort to extend beyond the most popularly reported science from the last 20 years. You will be introduced to novel ideas about happiness intervention, the role of life circumstances, and happy thinking, among other topics. It is my hope that the material contained here will change the way you think about happiness; and that you:

  1. Will gain a more nuanced understanding of key concepts,
  2. Will update your knowledge with recently published studies,
  3. Will extend your knowledge by learning about frequently overlooked research from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

Finally, I hope that you are able to apply this information to enhance your own happiness or to promote greater conditions of wellbeing for others. This is a self-paced study course, which means that you can access materials time and again based on your own scheduling preferences. 


Part 1: Understanding the emotional portion of happiness

  1. History of Emotion
  2. Evolution of Emotion
  3. The Nature of Emotion

Part 2: Defining and Measuring Happiness

  1. Defining Happiness
  2. Happiness is a Process
  3. Social Happiness
  4. Measuring Happiness

Part 3: Basic Research Findings on Happiness

  1. Findings: Demographics
  2. Findings: Money
  3. Happiness and Work

Part 4: Doing Happiness

  1. Positive Interventions
  2. Positive Thinking
  3. Positive Relationships
  4. Self-Care
  5. Wellbeing Policy

What’s Included in this Self-Paced Learning Course

This is a self-paced learning course, enabling you to engage with the material at your convenience. You have 20 weeks to complete the course once you begin. The course includes a variety of features designed to make your learning stick. This 15-lesson course includes:

ICF Credit Hours

If you are a coach interested in using this course toward ICF recertification, you may count it as 13.25 resource development hours. 

Course Fee: $250  $49