Paula Facci, Personal and Professional Life Coach

"Positive Acorn offers world-class coach training coupled with the latest research and applications from the science of Positive Psychology. Robert is a masterful teacher and coach, who challenges the status quo and always has a fresh professional perspective and interesting or provocative view to add, which in turn encourages his students to do the same. He not only provides excellent training in Positive Psychology Coaching but also ensures that students are exposed to the very latest, non-mainstream findings in Positive Psychology - something unique to Positive Acorn, as Robert is an active researcher and practitioner in the field. Classes are enjoyable and conducted with the utmost professionalism and I would highly recommend Positive Acorn to anybody seeking ICF credentialed coach training."

David W. McQuarrie, CCC, CPPC, Life Coach, DWM Life Coaching Inc.

“I had the good fortune of discovering Positive Acorn from a colleague and graduate of the Positive Psychology Coach program. From the very first class taught by Robert, I was hooked. The insight and knowledge that Robert brings to each class and course is unique and professional. The live virtual classroom that’s used throughout the programs enables an orderly and interactive experience second to none. Any administrative questions or technical support issues are handled with a quick and friendly encounter. As a recent graduate of the full Positive Psychology Coach program, I highly recommend the programs to all coaches at every level.”

Bernita Kiefte, ATC, PhD (ABD), MBA, BComm Honours, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Educator, Speaker

"I'm so grateful to have participated in Positive Acorn's inaugural 'Coaching Wellbeing' course with Laura Mantell. Laura so generously shared her scientific wisdom to create a super-rich learning experience - through live sessions, coaching demonstrations, presentation recordings, downloadable slides, journal articles, assessment tools and many other references. As a result, my wellbeing toolkit is bursting with evidence-based practices and materials that build confidence in clients as they experiment with new ways of being in the world.”

Christina Echevarria, Firm Solutions, Newhouse Holdings, LLC

“The Coaching Skills Course was instrumental in increasing my confidence as a coach through the demonstration of the most sophisticated coaching techniques and the creation of an environment to practice and receive constructive feedback. The skills I have learned have not only shaped my practice as a coach, but have also permeated into my everyday life. Friends and family notice my ability to ask powerful questions and listen in an active and engaged manner now more than ever. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is thinking about becoming a coach or is considering using coaching techniques in their work. Robert does an excellent job teaching coaching as an art and shines a light on the nuanced techniques that can make coaching a very powerful tool. Thank you, Positive Acorn - it has been a truly wonderful and transformational experience! ”

Jan Dicks, President and Principal Consultant, Conversant Workplace Solutions

“The courses were well presented and content was sufficiently challenging. There was a good balance between theory and practice and the course website provided the follow-up and resources for reviewing. Full marks! The guest lecturers were very good and Laura was excellent. She added great depth to the topic with considerable research materials and was able to link together the various theories with practice throughout her course. Her style meshed well with my love of learning. Robert’s style is exceptional and his commitment to teaching is obvious. It’s a joy to listen to him and receive his feedback. I’m sure there is no better.”

Carole Mackewich, M.Ed. Counselor, Clark College

“I highly recommend Positive Acorn’s coach training courses. Dr. Robert Biswas Diener is a widely-respected researcher in happiness and Applied Positive Psychology, and a Master Teacher. He models best practice coaching and provides excellent resources and examples (both empirical and anecdotal), to assist students in reaching his high expectations. Weekly practice partners allow for practical application of the tools and techniques that are presented.”

Cheri H.Y. Ho

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and this is one of the best courses I’ve attended. This course is a combination of theory and application of practical coaching tools and methods which are immediately applicable to my job. The instruction materials, lectures and coaching sessions were excellent. The course exceeded my expectations and significantly expanded my knowledge in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching. It even accelerated my career move upon completion of course – this is the most significant and positive impact I can ever imagine!”

Maria Paz

“I absolutely loved the entire course, it was really helpful to have pre-recorded lessons before the live class, the live classes were amazing. I have to say it's amazing the willingness that you guys have to help us with any doubts and recommendations!!! And awesome how you guys stay connected even after the course!!!! Also on that same note, office hours are really helpful, and a great resource!!! I have to say this course was really life-changing, not only did it give me the tools to become an amazing coach, but it also challenged me on a deep personal level, to become a better person. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a coach or even wants more insight and working on becoming better human being to take it. Thank you so much.”

Laura Mantell, MD, Executive and Wellness Coach

“Studying positive psychology with Robert will give you a huge dose of intellectual stimulation as well as innovative and practical coaching approaches delivered with humor and creativity. As the newest, even not-yet-published, evidence-based research is presented and explored, your curiosity will skyrocket. Robert is a true educator, who obviously loves and knows how to teach.”

Ranjit Singh

“The best investment I could have made is to join your course. It has changed my perspective about people and situations. As I had less experience in the group I started very nervously, but thanks to the coaching sessions with my peers, it got better each class. I enjoyed very much your teaching style.”

Kirsty Marriott, CEO, KDM Coaching and Consultancy

“I loved the way the course was delivered in different formats, it made it easy to follow and learn. The content was very in-depth I liked that Robert had written pieces to digest in your own time. The follow-up emails from Robert were a great source of valuable information. I liked that he shared so many resources for us to continue researching on subjects. The breakout sessions allowed for on the spot training and I found them incredibly useful to get practice first hand. I liked that the content focused on different areas of positive psychology not as widely talked about. I found Roberts approach to informing rather than telling very refreshing. I liked that he gave me a variety of knowledge on the different strength tools on the market. I found the module on strengths and courage incredibly insightful leaving me with a different perspective.”

June Rousso, Ph.D. Psychologist, Life Coach, Writer

"I found the courses in the sequence so informative and engaging. Robert and guest teachers were very knowledgeable with a balanced combination of research and practice. There were meaningful class discussions to learn from. The mentoring course was a real opportunity show a sample of our practice, and to learn from feedback and discussion."

Diana Gruenbaum

“I’d like to thank you for an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience taking this class. I loved the richness of the material, and the enthusiasm with which it was taught and conducted. I am grateful to have had this opportunity”.

Monisha Kamdar, Attorney and Positive Psychology Practitioner

Learning with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is an emotional journey! He challenges you, motivates you, encourages you and supports you through the learning process. He understands how people learn and tailors his materials and his teaching methodology accordingly, with necessary spacing, repetitions, and practice. As to the course itself, it is life-changing no matter how much or how little you plan to pursue the coaching practise. I loved every module and the lectures in the module and could not wait for the next class (which happened to be midnight for me given my time zone). Both Robert and Laura shared latest research in the field of coaching and positive psychology and demystified some aspect of coaching that I harboured. I would highly recommend these courses.