The ICF ACC Credential Package

The ICF ACC Credential Package

The ICF ACC Credential Package is a great start for people with little or no coaching experience, although, experienced coaches often take this track as well. This program is approximately 6 months and provides coursework in foundations of coaching including opportunities for practice and the study of ethics. It also includes a deep dive into applied positive psychology. It fulfills the coach training requirements for ICF's ACC credential. Holiday breaks from courses are included as are a few weeks off for dedicated practice. Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will receive Positive Acorn's "Certified Positive Psychology Coach" endorsement. People who register for this program also have the opportunity to add to their 100 coaching hours required for ACC certification. Credentialed coaches can receive CCE credits for these courses. Enrollment in this package ensures space in all 3 courses. Payment options are 1 payment, 3 monthly payments, 5 monthly payments, or 12 monthly payments.

The courses included in this package are:

Course 1: Coaching Skills

Course 2: Applied Positive Psychology

Course 3: Coaching Wellbeing

Total Credit Hours: 60                                        Total Price: $3,600

Courses run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the same predictable time each week. Please see course descriptions for individual courses. 

Course Type Credits Start Date Price
Applied Positive Psychology Interactive 24.50 January 2021 $1435.00 Register
Coaching Skills Interactive 24.50 September 2020 $1435.00
Coaching Wellbeing Interactive 11.00 December 2020 $730.00