Get Ready to Blast Off

Positive Acorn is streamlining its coach training program. Over the coming months we will be shortening the time it takes to get certified, developing additional high quality self-paced study resources, and expanding our offerings. Please forgive us, in the meantime, while we retreat to our ideas laboratory. You can expect our new program to be unveiled in 2014.


The Idea Laboratory

At Positive Acorn we aren't stuck in information that was popular five years ago. Science is dynamic and we relish in keeping up with the latest results on a weekly basis. Using the latest information, theories and assessments we create courses in curiosity, hope diagnosis, courage, and other topics not offered anywhere else.


About Us

We are the leaders in creating new interventions and assessments to help people reach their potential, enjoy happiness, and become more effective. We have trained thousands of professionals from around the world to use basic coaching skills layered with positive psychology tools.

  • "I’m wholly satisfied with, and deeply grateful for, the entire experience..."- Susan Minarik
  • "I highly recommend Positive Acorn’s Positive Psychology Coaching course..."- Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness
  • "In a surprisingly short time, Positive Acorn's program vastly improved the way I work with clients as well as my own understanding of Positive Psych, coaching, and life in general."- Robert Birnberg, Yoga Therapist and Positive Psychology Coach