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Our Educational Model

Our virtual classrooms use educational best practices. We combine pre-recorded lectures with live interactive sessions for demonstration and discussion. In addition, our students have weekly opportunities to practice skills with partners.

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

If you're like us, you'll find your passion in the application of positive psychology. In taking our Coaching Skills, Applied Positive Psychology, and Coaching Wellbeing courses we'll certify you as a Positive Acorn Certified Positive Psychology Coach. If you've already been educated in the basics of coaching skills by an ICF accredited program you only need to complete Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Wellbeing to receive certification.

Who Should Register

Our course offerings apply to nearly everyone working in the helping professions and also to those in leadership roles. Coaches, counselors, teachers, and managers have all found benefit from Positive Acorn.

Why Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is an applied science. Using rigorous methods, large samples, and validated assessments we have gained new insights into happiness, resilience and performance. Positive psychology interventions are tested, theoretically grounded, and effective.

ICF Certification

Pursuing certification sends a signal to others that you meet rigorous training, practice and ethical standards. Our program is designated as an ACSTH program by the International Coach Federation. Positive Acorn actively assists our students as they work toward certification.

The Positive Acorn Difference

When you study positive psychology coaching why not study with the people who developed these interventions? Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is a pioneer in the application of positive psychology and is active in the development of every Positive Acorn course. This means that our interventions are cutting edge.

The Positive Acorn Difference!

Scientific Beaker

Our Content

Our instructors take pride in creating scientifically informed practices. Instead of focusing on simplistic tools, Positive Acorn offers many interventions and techniques not offered elsewhere.

Positive Acorn

Our Method

We love to keep up with best practices in education. This means that you will never attend a lecture course at Positive Acorn! Instead, we use more advanced curriculum design to ensure a high quality learning experience.

Patterned Sun

Our Culture

You can expect a personal touch with Positive Acorn. Give a call or write an e-mail. We’ll take the time to answer your questions and give you the personal attention you deserve.

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Your Roadmap To ICF Coach Certification

Why Get Certified?

We recommend for all aspiring coaches to become certified. This process allows you to showcase professional competence, endorse a formal code of ethics, and receive continuing education.

Getting Certified

Positive Acorn's Program is approved by the ICF at the ACSTH level.
Note: The ICF has its own fees for the certification process.

60 Hours Of Coach Training

Complete the following Positive Acorn Courses:
  • Coaching Skills
  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Coaching Wellbeing

100 Hours Coaching Clients

  • Client must consent to sharing hours with the ICF.
  • A coaching hour is 60 minutes
  • Payment can be in any amount or bartered services or goods.
  • All hours of coaching must be logged.
More detail can be found here.

Receive 10 Hours Of Mentor Coaching

  • These hours must be logged.
  • Your coach must be ICF certified.
  • Occur over at least 3 months.

Coach Knowledge Assessment

The coach knowledge assessment evaluates a coach's understanding of:
  • The ICF Core Competencies
  • The ICF Code Of Ethics
More detail can be found here.

Why Positive Acorn?

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Our Founder

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is a leading authority on positive psychology coaching and widely recognized as a major pioneering voice in this field. Robert occupies a unique position in the world of positive psychology as he is both a published researcher and a practicing ICF certified coach.

Our Purpose

Robert combines his intervention acumen and scientific knowledge to bring you a fresh approach to coaching via Positive Acorn. While others offer rudimentary positive psychology interventions Positive Acorn takes pride in creating scientifically informed practices that are nuanced and naturalistic. Instead of focusing on simplistic tools such as keeping a gratitude diary Positive Acorn offers interventions related to courage, curiosity, hope and many other techniques not offered elsewhere.

Positive Acorn was born from a simple desire: to help aspiring and seasoned coaches use practical skills related to positive psychology.

Positive Acorn is made up of seasoned professionals who are naturally creative, curious, and hungry for the newest ideas and ways of doing things. We are absolutely fascinated by the latest research in psychology and eager to work out how to apply it to coaching practices.


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