Are happy people complacent?

Many people harbor the idea that happy people lack motivation. New research gives us reason to doubt this long-held assumption.

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3 things to know about defensive pessimists

It turns out that defensive pessimism is effective and that we misunderstand this special group of people.

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6 Books about Happiness

A search on “happiness” at Amazon yields 70 thousand results, and a similar search on GoodReads shows more than 5 thousand books. It can be overwhelming.

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How to Become a Coach

Coaching is a growing profession, but many people are curious and confused about how to become a coach. Here’s how…

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The Other Side of Mindset

Research on the so-called “mindset” has become so popular that it is influencing classrooms, corporate workshops, and coaching conversations. Here are two often-overlooked ideas about mindset.

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The Benefits of Procrastination

Procrastination has long been vilified as an unhelpful and unpleasant human tendency. What if we are wrong?

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