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The most sophisticated positive coaching skills training in the world.

This course uses a range of pedagogic tools—seminar, demonstration, reflection, and fishbowl coaching experiences—to promote sophisticated conversations about the practice of positive psychology coaching.

What you will learn

This course is intended to deepen each participant’s sophistication in applying positive psychological theory and research to their own coaching practice. Although we focus on positive psychology as a lens for coaching, we also attend to core coaching skills, such as ethical decision making and coaching presence.

This course is not intended to teach basic coaching skills or to provide an introduction to positive psychology. Instead, it is an advanced practicum for those who are experienced coaches, have completed coach training, and who already have a cursory knowledge of positive psychological science.

This course is limited to 6 participants and qualified applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Your Instructors

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Dr. Christian van Nieuwerburgh ​

Course Details

18 credits

This course includes twelve 90-minute sessions facilitated by both Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener and Dr. Christian van Nieuwerburgh.

In the first meeting of the week, we will focus on a particular theme and its specific applications to coaching. The second meeting is reserved for coaching practice. These coaching sessions are an opportunity for each participant to reflect on their own style, biases, values, and preferences.

Participants may report the hours in this course to the International Coaching Federation as Group Mentoring hours or CCE credits.

Course Schedule

Starts on June 21, 2021
Ends on July 29, 2021

Class Time

Mondays and Thursdays
9:00am - 10:30am Pacific
Note: The July 5th session will be held on Tuesday, July 6th instead

Frequently Asked Questions

This is our more exclusive and advanced mentoring course. It is for experienced coaches who want to develop increasing mastery, especially in the application of positive psychology to coaching. Facilitated by Drs. Christian van Nieuwerburgh and Robert Biswas-Diener, we select participants on a case by case basis and cap enrollment at 6 people. Half of the class sessions focus on discussion of advanced issues in positive psychology coaching such as creating wellbeing frameworks or understanding the role of “ways of being” as they relate to coaching presence. The other half of the sessions are reserved for observations of participant coaching. Here, we provide supportive feedback in the service of truly exceptional coaching.

Unlike traditional courses, in which instructors share their expertise, this course relies on the participants’ accumulated experience and wisdom. Together, the course facilitators and participants investigate complex and nuanced issues. In addition, the group observes and provides supportive feedback on actual coaching with the goal of empowering the coach and improving mastery.

Yes, you may choose to receive a certificate for 18 CCE credits for taking this course. Or you may choose to use these hours toward Group Mentoring.

Great! We love working with people who have a background in positive psychology. Whether you have read a popular book or have a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, we can challenge you to think about this science in new ways. We think of ourselves as “what’s next” for people who want to extend their knowledge of this exciting field.

100% refund available within 24 hours of registration.

90% refund available up to 3 weeks before the start of the course.

50% refund available within 3 weeks before the course begins. 

Have more questions?

Learning should be challenging and satisfying

We care that each and every student has a peerless learning experience. As a result, we listen to your specific needs and support your learning in a highly personalized way.

What our alumni say

The Advanced Practice in Positive Psychology Coaching course delivered by Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener and Dr. Christian van Nieuwerburgh offered an essential understanding of the theory and advanced practice of Positive Psychology Coaching. Each session was relevant and challenging, pushing me to strengthen my understanding and coaching skills. I found this cohort to be one of the most interesting, challenging, and engaging coaching and learning experiences in my career.

Mark Mathia

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
Signature Performance

I was one of six participants in the inaugural group of Advanced Practice in Positive Psychology Coaching. The structure, content and facilitation of the sessions was exemplary and created a safe space for discussion, reflection and, ultimately, learning. In particular, the chance to observe a range of experienced coaches in action, as well as gain feedback and mentoring on my own coaching, was a truly transformational experience. I have no doubt that I am a better coach and a more sophisticated thinker as a result of being part of this programme.

Imogen Maresch

Presence of Mind Consulting, UK

I’m so glad I decided to join the program. I would consider this to be some of the most meaningful dialogue and development I’ve ever experienced, thanks to Robert and Christian’s masterful program design, challenging and insightful questions, and expert facilitation approaches. The class atmosphere provided a safe space for us to coach each other and gain tremendously powerful feedback from two world leaders in positive psychology coaching.

Kristin Lowe, MAOP, ACC, CPPC

Organisational Psychologist and Strengths-Based Coach, Founder and Managing Director
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