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The science of positive psychology is our sweet spot.

Positive psychology is an empirical approach to understanding what goes right, rather than what goes wrong, with people. Topics in this science include well-being, optimism, resilience, courage, flow, and many others. We leverage our expert knowledge in this field to introduce practical skills that are nuanced and effective. Applied Positive Psychology introduces learners to elements of positive psychology they cannot get elsewhere.

What you will learn

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Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener

Course Details

24.5 credits

This distance learning program uses a virtual classroom for written materials and lectures, and a live web-based platform for instruction. Classes meet twice weekly for six weeks, and require additional time for reading and engaging with the pre-recorded lecture.

Course Schedule

Starts on January 12, 2021
Ends on February 18, 2021

Class Time

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00am - 10:30am Pacific

Frequently Asked Questions

Positive psychology coaching is an approach to coaching the preferences science as a way of knowing and looks to apply positive psychological science. Unfortunately, it is common for coaches to adopt a “tools-focused” approach in which they prescribe standard positive psychology exercises to clients. We offer a more organic and sophisticated approach to positive psychology intervention. Our approach, which is largely “invisible” to the client, emphasizes knowledge of wellbeing, strength, future-oriented, and emotional frameworks to inform powerful coaching dialogues.

Great! We love working with people who have a background in positive psychology. Whether you have read a popular book or have a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, we can challenge you to think about this science in new ways. We think of ourselves as “what’s next” for people who want to extend their knowledge of this exciting field.

This course was created to serve two needs: 1) to introduce positive psychology as a coaching tool for those who are new to the field, and 2) to answer the question “what’s next” for those who have a background in positive psychology. We do not cover gratitude journals, signature strengths, or other simplistic interventions. Instead, you will find topics, research, and interventions that are not covered elsewhere. We assure you that you will be challenged to think about positive psychology in new ways and will learn nuanced skills for applying it.

Applied Positive Psychology includes pre-recorded lectures, readings, quizzes, reflections, and other learning features. The more time you invest in these out-of-class activities the deeper your learning will be. There is generally an hour to an hour and a half of out-of-class material per lesson. We also host optional “office hours” in which students can meet with their instructor outside of class to gain further clarity, engage in deeper practice, and have more informal discussions. We also encourage you to practice the skills taught in class with a peer from the course. Finally, we encourage you to read the recommended articles to deepen your knowledge of this science.

This course is offered in a completely digital format. We recommend a reliable Internet connection.

100% refund available within 24 hours of registration.

90% refund available up to 3 weeks before the start of the course.

50% refund available within 3 weeks before the course. 

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Learning should be challenging and satisfying

We care that each and every student has a peerless learning experience. As a result, we listen to your specific needs and support your learning in a highly personalized way.

What our alumni say

I am very grateful I found this course! Robert and his team are extremely professional. I really think they go the extra mile to accompany students, so they get the most of their learning. Robert challenges students and makes sure learning is acquired at different levels. The content of the course is up to date. Robert’s knowledge and experience as a coach and researcher are a great asset. He presents very interesting information and not just the “usual” topics in Positive Psychology. Robert does demonstrations that are really useful and a great source of learning.

Mariangela Rodriguez

I absolutely loved the course. It was really helpful to have pre-recorded lessons before the live class. It’s amazing the way you stay connected even after the course!!!! This course was really life-changing; not only did it give me the tools to become an amazing coach but it also challenged me on a deep personal level. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a coach or who wants to work on being a better human being.

Maria Paz

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and this is one of the best courses I’ve attended. This course is a combination of theory and application of practical coaching tools and methods which are immediately applicable to my job. The instruction materials, lectures and coaching sessions were excellent. The course exceeded my expectations and significantly expanded my knowledge in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching. It even accelerated my career move upon completion of course – this is the most significant and positive impact I can ever imagine!

Cheri H.Y. Ho

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