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Instructor: Christian van Nieuwerburgh


This course is intended to support you in improving your coaching skills, presence, and ethical decision-making. This will be a highly interactive series of sessions, led by a focus on what you need in order to flourish as coaches. We will create a supportive group atmosphere to facilitate the discussion of real-life scenarios from coaching in relation to the ICF core competencies. This is the primary purpose of these sessions –learning from and about your coaching practice in the presence of others. The sessions will also be organized according to some important, overarching themes that underpin effective coaching practice. We will often start by reflecting on these themes (listed below). 

You have access to this course and the associated materials until August 15, 2024.


  • Change. Essentially, coaching is a conversational intervention that is designed to bring about change. It is therefore helpful for coaches to be familiar with theories of how intentional and sustainable change can be achieved.  
  • Choice. The principle of choice is fundamental to coaching practice. In order to ensure that the client is encouraged to take personal responsibility for their growth and development, it is important that they make as many of the choices as possible. But we, as coaches, have choices too. 
  • Use of Self. Coaching should be all about the client. However, we, as coaches, are in the space too. How can we use our “self” in a way that is in the best interests of the client?
  • Knowledge. Obviously, coaching is powerful because it is a methodology based on not telling clients what to do. At the same time, coaching is a learning conversation, so it is helpful to think about how knowledge is created, and what we, as coaches, should do with our “knowledge”. 
  • Endings. Coaches work to make themselves redundant. This means that all coaching relationships should be time limited. Ultimately, it is our role to support clients to be independent and experience self-confidence and self-belief. How we manage endings is important–and not only for the client! 

Based on your learning from your Positive Acorn course and the discussions and exploration that will take place during these sessions, we will expect you to record videos of your coaching practice that will be the basis for individual mentoring coaching. Each individual session will require a new video recording in advance of the session.


Each class meeting has one lesson to be completed in advance of the meeting. There is a chart with lesson dates at the bottom of this syllabus.

Lessons may include:

  • A video recording
  • Handouts
  • Optional readings
  • Recordings of each session are posted in the follow-up for each lesson

Attending class:

We use Zoom for our class meetings. Our Zoom meeting can be found in this syllabus. Please plan to arrive early enough to adjust your audio settings and ensure your technology is working properly. Class begins promptly.

Class sessions are held on Saturdays from 5:00-7:00 p.m. London Time (BST/GMT) Time Converter Link

Class session dates are:

  • October 21, 2023 (this session will be one-hour in length) (BST)
  • October 28, 2023
  • December 2, 2023
  • February 24, 2024
  • March 30, 2024

Professional Ethical Behavior

Because our classes depend on self-disclosure and participation, we require a confidential and supportive learning environment. Please refer to your enrollment agreement for more information.

Course Requirements:

Each mentee will be expected to participate in the class sessions and complete lessons before the class session. Please come to class ready to coach and have a topic you would like to be coached on. Attendance is a crucial aspect of this course. Absences can disrupt our coaching schedule. Please let us know as soon as you can if you cannot make it to a particular session. They will be available in the live session recordings course if you miss a class or wish to listen to a previous class. These are not intended to be regular substitutions for attendance.
We also understand that some people find value in reviewing these recordings after the course has ended. You have access to this course and the associated materials until August 15, 2023

Lesson Order and Schedule:

Lesson TopicsComplete byUnlock Dates
Lesson 1: ChangeOctober 21, 2023October 14, 2023
Lesson 2: ChoiceOctober 28, 2023October 21, 2023
Lesson 3: SelfDecember 2, 2023November 4, 2023
Lesson 4: KnowledgeFebruary 24, 2024February 3, 2024
Lesson 5: EndingsMarch 30, 2024March 2, 2024

Individual Mentoring Sessions

Based on your Positive Acorn course learning and the discussions and exploration that will take place during these sessions, we expect you to record videos of your coaching practice that will be the basis for individual mentoring coaching. Each individual session will require a new video recording in advance of the session.

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